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We know you love your dog.  We are committed to providing a friendly and safe training environment.


Genuine concern.

Every one of us is a dog-owner too. We will treat your dog like it was our own.


Rapid Immediate Results.

You will see immediate rapid results with our evidenced based scientific approach to dog training and behavior modification. Our bonded and insured dog trainer and dog

behaviorist will provide the expert training and care your dog and family deserves.

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We specialize and are world behavior experts in severe behavior modification and rehab of dog aggression fearful, shy, and phobic dogs, obsessive behaviors in dogs, severe hyperactivity, and extreme attention problems in dogs, severley destructive dogs, as well as severe elimination disorders in dogs. There has never been a dog that we could not train.  Often times we are training and rehabilitating dogs that other dog trainers have not had success with. Phoenix Dog Training has a simple guarantee. "Your dog's behavior is improved even after the first lesson, or you don't pay!" We are so confident, we offer the only Money Back Guarantee in Arizona.  We just eliminated all the risk! 

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If you are looking to be able to take your dog anywhere in any situation or distraction, and even control your dog off leash so you can thoroughly enjoy your dog and take your dog anywhere, then you have found the right training and the right trainer.  I am selective with who I work with and only work with dedicated dog owners who desire the best for their dog. Your dog deserves the best quality of life and freedom to have fun and play off leash.  We offer many different training options such as private in-home dog training, dog obedience training group classes, puppy training both individual and group training classes, a VIP dog training camp for busy dog owners who have little to no time to train their dogs.

Our trainer and Phoenix dog behaviorist has the highest level of education and training available, to include continuing education and advanced coursework at Harvard University in Canine Cognition. Phoenix dog training  has over 35 years of dog obedience training and behavior modification experience.  Our training is high end training geared towards progressing to off leash reliability as well as intense attention and control of your dog in the most distracting environments.  Our belief is that a dog is not fully and reliably trained until it can behave off leash in the most distracting real world situations; this is when your dog's training really counts and "where the rubber meets the road." Any trainer can get a dog to behave in quiet environments where nothing is distracting the dog and competing with your dog's attention.  Unfortunately Most trainers will avoid heavy distractions to quickly end their training relationship with you and your dog to get on to more business and more money.  Many trainers leave dogs half trained that fall apart and are still not under control in distractions and without the restraint of a leash. Let me ask you, "Is your dog trained if you can't get him or her to listen in heavy distractions?  Is your dog trained if you still have to put a leash on your dog?" If your dog needs a leash, your dog is not trained, it is merely restrained and you are trained to yank on the leash.  Why would you hire and pay for a trainer who engages in dog restraining, and a dog that falls apart in heavy distractions? We Gaurantee Your Dog is Trained and Behaves!

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